Cavendish Canine Camp ~ Boarding & Day Care for Dogs & Cats

Quality Boarding & Daycare for Dogs & Cats

Please Note:
We will be closing Oct 11th, at 5:30PM. Reopening Tuesday, Oct 29th at 7:15 AM

Boarding & Day Care Services:

Our Boarding Facility:

Inside our facility.Nestled within the Green Mountains of Vermont and just outside the village of Ludlow, our Canine & Feline boarding facility was designed to provide your pet with plenty of clean surroundings, fresh air, exercise, and friendly companionship while being located conveniently for your drop-off and pickups.

Each of our canine guests are provided supervised morning and afternoon "playtimes" in our spacious and fenced-in yards. A noon to 2:30 pm "Quiet Time" is observed in the middle of their day. All of our kennels have both indoor and outdoor (both covered and non covered) areas with access via "doggie doors".

Our feline campers are also alotted "playtimes" to roam and socialize (if they choose), but they do so within the confines and safety of our separate, quieter, office / "cat room". Here they may bask in a sunny window, lounge among the bedding, or play mood suits.

Exercise Areas:

Our Cat Campers also enjoy time to roam.
Outside covered runs - dry and shady when needed!

Outside runs: Plenty of socialization and exercise.

In addition to the runs, we have several large fenced-in areas that permit the energetic space for our guests to run and play.

We encourage group play and socializing for those that play well together. Private exercise spaces are also available for those who don't play well with others.

Kennel Visits / Tours:

Site visits to tour the property are welcomed and are available Monday - Friday between the hours of 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

Baths / Grooming:

Our bathing unit makes the task easy and stress-free!We can gladly provide dog baths, when requested.

Our convenient, modern, bathing showers and drying equipment makes the chore easy for us, quick & efficient (for those who aren't fond of baths), and also no mess for you!

Please Note: Dog Baths must be scheduled in advance.

Boarding Requirements:

Vaccination records are required for first time guests and updates must be kept current for our regular guests. This ensures that all our residents are well protected.

Please be certain that your vaccination records are current and up-to-date ....and include coverage for the following:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella (Canine Cough) - must be up-to-date every 6 months.

  • Regarding Vaccinations - Please email Proof of Vaccinaation to us along with the Boarding Form.
    Be forewarned: If your pet does not have the proper vaccinations and / or you are unable to provide the necessary records prior to checking in, please realize we will be unable board your pet. An additional $25.00 fee will be incurred if it is necessary for us to verify vaccination information with your vet.

Boarding fees:

Sorry, we do not accept Credit or Debit Cards.

Pet Medications: We do not charge extra to give pet medications, however, Please ensure that all containers provided are clearly marked with pet name, dosage and dosage times.
Day Care: Overnight Boarding:*
Weekdays Weekends / Holidays
Dogs: $18 per day $25 per day
$30 per night
$18 per night
    * Boarded dogs not picked up
by 11:00Am will be charged
an additional Day Care fee for
that day.

Please call to verify Weekend / Holiday Availability!

Daycare Discount Special (10 visits) ~ $150.00
Please Note:
  • Must be used within 6 Months
  • Not valid for weekend and holiday periods
  • You need to sign up for specific days of the week, monthly in advance, to qualify for the discounted price.
  • (Cash or checks only)


Returned Check Fee: $25.00

View and Print a Boarding Form
View our Pick Up / Drop Off Hours

Regarding Reservations: Please be careful when making reservations - you are expected to pay for the full term of the reserved space.

Boarding Reservations:

Please call to schedule your Boarding Reservation, as well as for making appointments for Dog Baths.
Please email a copy of the Boarding Reservation Form as well as proof of Vaccinations.
(Dog Baths are by appointment only.)

Food Needs: In addition to providing any special foods needed by your pet, do not forget to supply a quantity sufficient for the duration of his/her stay.

Food / Dietary Needs:

We supply super premium quality Eagle Pack Brand dog food.

Note: Should your pet require a special diet, please prepackage, per meal, for the length of the stay.

Bedding / Toys:

If your pet has a favorite blanket, sleep toy or other bedding, please feel free to bring it. Do be advised however, that sometimes a neighbor may take a fancy to it and chew!!!